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Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem is an interoperable network of blockchains connected together by Cosmos’s interblockchain communication protocol, the ‘IBC’. The Sentinel ecosystem is amongst the first networks to build on Cosmos since early 2018.

Cosmos Ecosystem
Why is Sentinel built on the Cosmos-SDK?​

Why is Sentinel built on the Cosmos-SDK?


Cosmos allows for an infinite degree of horizontal scaling resulting in negligible transaction fees. More zones can be established under the Sentinel hub to provide higher throughput in proportion to an increase in dVPN applications built on Sentinel.


Cosmos establishes an energy-efficient dPOS driven enviornment by using the Tendermint pBFT consensus, driven by validators which utilize existing data center resource instead of expensive and impactful ASIC miners


The Cosmos IBC allows for dVPN applications built on Sentinel to accept payment in various stablecoins and other digital currencies, effectively increasing the potential target market and consumer reach of these dVPN applications.


Network governance on Sentinel is in the hands of the decentralized validator group which is self-governing and can execute efficient chain upgrade processes which cannot be compromised by third party actors.

Sentinel Timeline

Bitcoin Censorship Resistant Payments

Bitcoin Censorship
Resistant Payments

Monero Private Transactions

Monero Private Transactions
Ethereum Programmable Smart Contracts

Ethereum Programmable
Smart Contracts

Cosmos Interoperable Blockchains And Instant Transactions

Cosmos Interoperable Blockchains And Instant Transactions
Sentinel Private Browsing And Transacting Built On Cosmos

Sentinel Private Browsing And Transacting Built On

The DVPN Token​

The DVPN Token


The Sentinel token is essential for the security of the network, as it is the staking token for Sentinel’s
Cosmos-based Hub. The Sentinel token will be used to participate in governance related decisions as a form
of ‘voting power’, where the magnitude of a user’s voting power is directly correlated with the amount of
tokens they hold.

dVPN Payment

The Sentinel token will be offered as an option for the payment of the subscription. However, users will not be
limited to the Sentinel token alone, as the dVPN applications built on the Sentinel framework will have the ability
to add real-world fiat-based payment gateways or payment gateways supporting other types of decentralized


Users can earn rewards in exchange for ‘delegating’ their Sentinel token to a validator and being apart of the governance structure. Rewards earned from staking are liquid while tokens that are staking can be unbonded or removed from a validator after several weeks.

Keplr Wallet

Keplr Wallet

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