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The Blockchain Bandwidth Infrastructure

for Web 3.0

The Sentinel ecosystem is a global network of autonomous dVPN applications that enable private and censorship resistant internet access

Sentinel is a network of independent dVPN applications, not just a single consumer facing dVPN

Live transparent stats indicating the actual usage of the Sentinel dVPN network which is utilized by thousands of unique users everyday.

Velocity VPN

Velocity VPN

Unlimited for free!

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Stake DVPN


Stake the DVPN token with one or more of Sentinel's many trusted validators in order to secure Sentinel's Cosmos based Hub, as well as to secure the integrity of dVPN networks built on Sentinel. In return for securing the Sentinel hub and the dVPN applications built ontop of it, users are able to earn staking rewards at ~61% APY.

Bandwidth Mining

Individuals from all over the world can now monetize on their unused bandwidth by becoming a 'Bandwidth Miner' on the Sentinel p2p bandwidth sharing network. The integration of Sentinel dVPN nodes with hardware devices such as routers, allow for users to effortlessly host Sentinel nodes from their home, allowing for the creation of a robust residential IP marketplace.

Bandwidth mining

Sentinel dVPN framework reduces the carbon footprint of the VPN industry

Mainstream VPN organizations require data centers that scale up energy requirements and hardware utilization over time. The Sentinel dVPN framework establishes a new paradigm of trusted and secure networking while also bringing in tremendous energy efficiency through the utilization of shared resources. All dVPNs built on Sentinel utilize the shared bandwidth of Sentinel's global dVPN node host community which is composed by idle already existing capacity. Every new dVPN that will be built on top of sentinel will help recycling more and more bandwidth, while also bringing down costs for consumers.

Sentinel DApp

Sentinel DApp​

Open source

The code behind the Sentinel dVPN is easily accessible to the public on Sentinel’s GitHub profile along with the application MD5 Checksums for absolute provability.

Encrypted, Censorship Resistant and Permissionless

Our distributed architecture and multi-protocol implementation allows for V2Ray and Wireguard to be used to their maximum potential, allowing anyone to browse the web freely.

Global Node Competition

Servers are hosted all over the world by the community, for the community. Users can choose the optimal server for the fastest browsing and download speeds while benefiting from cheaper prices and a multitude of payment options.

How It work

Sentinel is Decentralizing the VPN Industry

VPN Back-End

Decentralizing Server Management, dVPN applications built on Sentinel can utilize a global distributed community hosted dVPN node network and the distributed computing power provided by validators supporting Sentinel blockchain for its back-end operations and functionalities. The Sentinel Hub is not only used for account management and payment channels, but also for querying dVPN nodes.

VPN Front-End

The Sentinel open source dVPN framework allows for organizations and individuals to easily build applications ontop of Sentinel micro-services architecture which allows for dynamic UI ,seamless updates and easy integration of any payment option both from fiat and crypto.

Sentinel’s goal is to offer affordable privacy and free access to the internet to everyone on the planet by creating a thriving ecosystem of autonomous dVPNs organizations with zero barriers of entry for both users and providers

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Sentinel dVPN framework reduces the carbon footprint of the VPN industry

Companies building on Sentinel

Sentinel Free Decentralized VPN (dVPN)

Sentinel Free Decentralized VPN (dVPN)

The Sentinel dVPN can prove that your browsing history and information is not being stored. The Sentinel dVPN can prove that your connection is being end to end encrypted with no exceptions. The Sentinel dVPN doesn’t control and own the exit-servers that you trust to safely and securely browse the internet

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